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Not Whole Until Harvest: Delayed Drought

Green semi-trucks lined up in a parking lot.
Trucks from Valley Farm Transport, Inc.

Three years of drought and a historic 2022 rice season will continue to be long-lasting for many communities and businesses, but especially for rice mills, dryers, storage facilities and trucking companies on the westside of the Sacramento Valley. Those businesses and their employees currently face ‘delayed drought’ ramifications and can’t recover until the fall, when the 2023 harvest is complete. For nearly 60 years, these signature green trucks have hauled rice and other commodities up and down California roads. Trucking companies like Valley Farm Transport are a critical link in the chain in getting rice from the field to the table, but for David Nickum and his employees, this season is crucial for his family-owned business following three years of drought.

Not Whole Until Harvest, featuring VFT, Inc. and presented by


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