Valley Farm Transport will continue to distinguish itself as the premier bulk carrier in California.  Our vision is to be recognized as the trucker of choice by our customers, employees, vendors, and industry leaders.
The company will embrace a no-compromise philosophy of customer satisfaction.  We will provide our customers with the commitment of ethics, innovation, professionalism and superior customer service.  We will place the interest of our customers first as we strive to build value and long-term relationships.  We are dedicated to continuous improvement, respect and integrity in all of our relationships.
We will set the industry standard for safety and professionalism.  Valley Farm Transport considers all employees as ambassadors of the company with a critical role in its future success.  We will benefit from the diversity of talents and viewpoints that will be united to build a winning team.  We believe in a small company focus with a family-oriented environment.
We will protect both the environment and the supporting communities where we do business.  We will respect the structure and reporting relationship within the company, yet ensure that organizational boundaries never become a barrier to success.


DavidFor my employees…
I am committed to honesty, fairness, and providing a safe and healthy working environment that respects the dignity everyone deserves.
For my customers…
I am committed to providing complete confidentiality, attention to detail, reliable product delivery, and uncompromising service at a fair price.
For my suppliers and partners…
I am committed to fair competition and the sense of responsibility required of a good customer and partner.
  • I will obey the law.
  • I will promote a positive workplace.
  • I will keep accurate and complete records.
  • I will record costs properly.
  • I will bid, negotiate, and perform contracts.
  • I prohibit giving or accepting improper gifts.
  • I will steer clear of conflicts of interest.
  • I will maintain the integrity of consultants, agents, and representatives.
  • I will protect confidential and proprietary information.
  • I will obtain and use company assets wisely.
My Goal: An Ethical Work Environment
I have established a personal Code of Ethics Policy to aid in creating an ethical work
environment for all employees to benefit. This vigorous, corporate-wide effort to
promote a positive, ethical work environment underscores my commitment to
ethical conduct throughout our company.
I strive to align with employees, customers and business partners who value and
adhere to strong ethics. I am committed to providing a drug-free, safe, and healthy
work environment, and to observe environmentally sound business practices.
I will continue to make sustainable business practices a central focus of all our
operations from the fleet to the front office.
I encourage you to contact me whenever you have a question or concern that
cannot be readily addressed within your work group or through your supervisor.
-David F. Nickum
President and CEO

Dixon Terminal(Main Office)

8656 Sparling Lane
Dixon, CA  95620
Phone: 707-678-4404
Fax: 707-678-4202


Orland Terminal - New!

6412 County Road 27
Orland, CA 95963
Phone: 707-678-4404
Fax: 707-678-4202


Arbuckle Terminal

6656 Bailey Road
Arbuckle, CA 95912
Phone: 707-678-4404
Fax: 707-678-4202


Bakersfield Terminal

2801 Gateway Ave.
Bakersfield, CA 93307
Phone: 661-387-8035
Fax: 661-387-8036


Stockton Terminal

2800 French Camp Turnpike
Stockton, CA 95206
Phone: 707-628-0888
Fax: 707-678-4202


Firebaugh Terminal

47751 W Nees Ave
Firebaugh, CA 93622
Phone: 661-387-8035
Fax: 661-387-8036


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